Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Its Just A #

Age is Just a Number.
That's a saying I've heard quite a bit lately. Mostly because I am around people dating other people at different ages. Also there is an ad on the back of a magazine for makeup using that tag, it's sitting in my living room. I get it, but I wonder if it's a little overused. It's cutesy and people use it correctly but...maybe we should start using it in the wrong ways?
Like, when a 50 year old teacher gets arrested for banging a 12 year old. Maybe they should testify that they were in love and age is just a number.
Or when someone gets caught fondling a corpse, hey, he was attractive once, he'd be 143 today.
We could put down a bunch of puppies, I mean age is just a number after all.

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