Thursday, July 10, 2014

Why Watch?

There is a disturbance in the televised entertainment universe.
Men (obviously I can speak to that on a better level) enjoy watching kick ass guys and hot girls do kick ass things. It's a testosterone driven sex fest. Even with horror or supernatural movies, it seems that guys are proving to themselves that we're so damn manly, we can sit through a horror movie without spoiling our panties.
Women on the other hand make choices that I have tried to understand, but still fail miserably. They want to watch movies that make them sad and cry, which seems like a horrible decision. Or shows about ignorant pompous "real" people that make them angry/jealous/and sometimes laugh at their insanity. Mix in there a little bit of the romantic stuff, that is the mirror image of a guy's macho movie: take the formula and repeat with new actors/special effects/minor plot twists/animal/aliens/etc.

So let's roll this out men, watch shit that gets their testosterone up and puff the chest out. Idiotic, but since I fall in that class and I just watched Commando-SHUT UP, WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT?!?!

Women watch things that make them cry, hate men in general, and wish that they had the life of the Think You Can Model Idol 2: Romance in the Caribbean.

Solution: Obviously you could burn your television, but then what would you watch porn on? Plan B: Watch a chick flick and action movie simultaneously. Yea, she may cry while he's screaming in a testosterone filled rage, but there's always the chance for make up sex away from your imaginary friends.