Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Love My TV

I'm a pretty open minded guy, no that's not really true, I'm a caveman.
Being a caveman, you would think I love to be outside. No, no I do not. If there is a pool available, or some sort of communal activity that involves sunshine and drinking, I'll be there. Camping is confusing to me. I'll explain.

We, the royal WE, the human race created things like AC units, carpet, insulation, thermal cook microwaves and water heaters, there are even people with heated toilet seats. What part of the brain says that it's cool to spend all that money on expensive stuff for entertainment and comfort, but to leave it all behind and go spend a weekend in the woods. The woods without electricity or functional toilets, or the Internet.
I understand the getting in touch with nature piece, go look at a flower, takes a couple minutes then you can be back on the couch eating Cheetos in no time.
There is the piece(mostly in men) that says, "Me can survive. Me strong. I can do it with my hands." Being a man, I get that part too. Go canoeing, prove that you're a God on the rapids, then go take a hot shower and order some faux Italian pizza and have it delivered to your door while you sip an ice cold chocolate milk in your underwear.

I say enjoy all these technical marvels while you can. We can camp when the zombies come.