Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I don't care about sports, of any kind. That being said, I will attend sports functions, usually under the bribe of alcohol. Given how far they can go with mascots and events at arenas it seems like they are missing a vital piece to wrap in those slightly less sporty folk. If your team is the Vikings, why wouldn't you have a slew of people dressed up in Nordic wear screaming at people and pounding beer?
Better yet, why not name a professional team the Zombies, and everyone in the stadium can dress up?
Serve some tangy red sauce on everything. Pour the beer into plastic versions of melee weapons. And whenever someone scores have an entire group of zombies chase them around the stadium.
I would get watch that team.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Sleep Through That

The human body is an amazing thing. People are able to ignore one thing while getting completely caught up in another. Some get thrown off guard by the tiniest things, while another is able to totally ignore the event. Then there are people that can sleep through almost anything. Movies at full volume, video games-literally world war three. Then there is that tiny thing. For example: a man snoring. How can a woman sleep through explosions, demons screaming, and zombies eating people alive; but one little snort and she is completely conscious? The human body is weird, and it keeps some people up at night...at least one lady.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pray for Arkansas

There are an influx of people that change their Facebook profile pictures, or post little twitter prayers about people that are afflicted by natural disasters. Beside those are people begging for prayers for sick children, people going into surgery, lost kids, murder victims...dogs with a cough, headaches, a stubbed toe etc.
The internal view, we as the human race, seems to have these days is getting worse. Don't change your little Facebook profile to let all your friends know that you're so great that you can pray. Get in your car, drive to Mayflower and do something about it. When you take a second and think about it, those prayers are wasted anyway. God's the one that did this.