Friday, August 8, 2014

Jewish Black Asian Hispanic People

I leave the TV on in the background pretty much all day. With that in mind, I tend to hear and occasionally see the same commercials over and over. One that caught my attention was the new blackpeoplemeet website advertisement. Originally I thought it was odd because the way they were advertising their product was by showing two people bumping into each other at a grocery store. If you can do that why the hell would I pay for your service?
Then I considered, how pissed would people get if there was a whitepeoplemeet website. With a little research not only did I discover that everyone thinks that the black dating site is simply segregating for the sole point of segregating, but that THERE IS a whitepeoplemeet web site.Racist, definitely, worth a look, oh yea.
If you're like me and just enjoy seeing people make complete asses of themselves, check out one of these websites. There is actually a guy on the front page of whitepeoplemeet right now wearing old German military fatigues. Delightful.So I decided to look at a few more of the odd ones to let you know what you're missing.

Ashley Madison-A site dedicated to married people looking to hook up. Wanna get caught in your affair real quick? Post your picture online declaring that you're looking for some strange.

Women Behind Bars-connects you to a woman in jail to chat with. Someday maybe you can rob a liquor store together.

Pot partner-Wanna get high and consider banging before we fall asleep...mmm pizza...

Tall Friend-Yup, a dating site just for tall peoples, no shorties allowed.

Trek Passions-Only for the uber nerdy, specifically for those with a passion for Star Trek or Star Wars.

last but definitely not least-

Daily Diapers-That's right, you know you want to dress up like a baby and have someone change, spank, feed, and bathe you. This sight is for anyone who wants to relive the baby years, and for someone who just really wants to spank adults in diapers apparently.