Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We Did This To Ourselves

Let's take a quick look at the internet as a whole and note some shittyness that has taken place. If you see a link that starts with one of the following...stay away. You too can prevent horseshit link herpes.

-The 25 best photos of...
             These could be photos of anything, people at Walmart, attractive athletes, grown up child stars. Do Not Be Fooled. They are not the best. They are garbage. Look out the window. There, you've seen better stuff than that link.

-These People/You/He/She is in for a surprise!
          Everyone is in for a surprise. Want to watch some people get hurt? Just type fail videos into youtube. At the very least you won't be giving a troll the traffic they don't deserve.

-If you ever see this creature run!
       These should be pretty self explanatory. If you're in the driveway scratching your ass and a rhino comes running, you probably shouldn't stay still.

-Horrifying/Classified/Amazing/Brutal/Disgusting photos they don't want you to see.
       Watch a horror movie. Is brutal shit your thing? Read the news instead.

-The easiest way to get a mortgage.
       Believe it or not, is to go to the bank.

-They just kept recording!
       No shit, they're camera men, and the people were on TV. What did you expect.

-What does your Name/Eyecolor/Haircolor say about you?
       If you're going to read this you may as well skip it and read a horoscope instead. It'll be about the same level of insight.

-These photos will leave you speechless.
      They won't.  Really.

-Any number of surprising secrets you didn't know!
       I'm going to bet that you already know these, and they aren't secrets.

-Why no one will hire this Actress/Actor/Musician/Director/Writer anymore.
      Is this something on your list of info needed to know? Are these ever accurate?

-This politician destroys the other parties ideas in 2 minutes, MUST WATCH!
      Someone ripping into an opposite belief is pretty much day to day at this point. Almost none of these are accurate statements based on facts, instead hoping that you share their opinions. Taking someone else's rant(usually based of their income, not belief) as fact is never a good idea.

Did we learn anything?
Please don't click on bullshit. If you're that bored I suggest going to a few sites that are pretty rad. Readfreebooks
or if things are really dire, and you're not stuck at work simply turn off the computer and go start an argument with a stranger.
You can do it!

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