Monday, February 2, 2015

Age Old Screen Names

There was a time when chatting with strangers on the internet fell into fairly unregulated categories, mostly horny teenagers and lonely adults. Screen names were usually hatched in a 20 second binge using a variety of key words that were sure to draw in the desirable conversationalists: Gamer, Doggy, Skater, GuitarMan, Hott, XXX, etc.
The other part that came to be rather quickly was adding numbers to the screen name, because how in the world could somebody else get to the name FriskyMick first? Maybe you could be FriskyMick2, or spice it up and be FriskyMick69. When that didn't work you could go with your birthday, or year of birth, get it out there that you are in fact FriskyMick21, or FriskyMick94 a young stud named Mick.
On the other hand, if you were spry and felt like trying to get some pics from a young promiscuous stranger maybe you use FriskyMick34, for the year you were born. Coast those middle aged chat rooms looking for the perfect combination of lonely and drunk. Letting your fingers drag across the keys, making references to TV
shows from the 50's, but people think you're eccentric not old. Lean back and wait for the pictures to process, one pixel at a time. Try and stay awake through that 10 minute download.