Friday, October 10, 2014

I Want a Makeover!

Spending a little time at the local mall I got a chance to stroll through one of the makeup counters. Every counter had multiple salespeople offering makeovers to women of all ages, from trying various makeups and wrinkle creams to sitting down and getting your makeup done. Many women and girls passed on the free makeovers even if they were buying the products offered.

Why don't they have something like this at the mall for men? Maybe a craft beer counter, when you can sit down and try all 14 crafts beers to make your choice just a little easier. Perhaps a meat counter, where you try a variety of meats with different rubs and branded sauces? How about a gun counter where you can try out any handgun you want to find the perfect fit? Come on malls, where's your sense of adventure? The guys are there bored off their asses, you just need to cater.